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Heart Health




As easy as 1, 2, 3……

  1. Each book speaks on an emotional level to teach acceptance, tolerance and empathy. It also contains physical exercise and nutrition as sub-features.
  2. Diverse, multicultural characters are easy to relate to as they reflect our global community. They act as catalysts to better understanding and communication.
  3. And fun, interactive, and inspiring health supplements. Did we mention, FUN.

NOTE: See added feature of teacher training.

See book testimonials.

Here’s How….. These stories act like a Vitamin supplement.

heart_point“Read one a day and keep the doctor away !!!” Sillwee Wobbert declares.

“Some say my heart-shaped head reminds them of an apple. Well, remember that old wise tale about eating apples. (like the one I just said above) So, I recommend digesting (as a figure of speech) the contents and messages of these books and become a ….. fully healthy you. And that’s the greatest gift you can give this world !!!”

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