About G. Robert and Dream Publishing Co.

My pen-name is G. Robert. (My birth certificate says that I’m George Robert Lyles III) I was born in Hagerstown, Maryland, practiced law for 8 years, and then taught English in Washington DC. Married, I relocated to Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan (near my wife’s hometown) five years ago to meet her desire to be home.

Many describe me as the Pied Piper of children. I have this unique ability to let my inner light shine bright. You know, speak the language of children. My sister-in-law says it’s like the “Santa Claus” charisma. I can connect with them, as if I too had that child’s perspective. It’s something most wouldn’t understand on a resume, but, it’s true. I just call it my “innate silliness.”

So why Sillwee Wobbert?? As a middle schooler, I was diagnosed with a health condition described as “chemical diabetes.” Even though I looked like my classmates, I was considered different all of a sudden due to my health. I’d faint in class; couldn’t keep up with the other kids in gym; and ate special meals given from the cafeteria. Of course, my friends made fun of me. I felt I didn’t fit in: not normal.

But, it had a combined influence on me. I had  a naturally nice personality which attracted the loner, misfit kids. In combination with my health limitation, it developed into a deeply empathetic perspective. By walking in a new pair of God given shoes, so to speak, I learned to be a proactive advocate for those in need. It was tough at first but has made me into the person I am today.

Years later, my nephew was born with a congenital heart defect. Since I had mitral valve prolapse, I focused on the heart symbol. The pediatric nurses told me at the time there was nothing available to help kids in a non-technical way at that critical stage. It inspired me to create the Sillwee Wobbert series. I surveyed my students where I taught, my neighbors’ kids, and relatives showing several main characters for my new book. Unanimous!! All selected the heart-shaped head boy.

photo_youngThe theme is to help children cope with issues of acceptance of who they really are as well as tolerance for others with whom they interact. As a teacher, I discovered that every child has an emotional disability. They face daily stress from many factors whether at home, interfacing on the computer, among their peers, or health related. I discovered the first step to wellness is emotional healing. So I employ my innate skills to present this emotionally appealing material, in multiple ways, in order to connect with each child. This approach has proven effective.

In addition, as an ex-teacher, I knew that kids prefer to learn in fun, interactive ways. So the book’s message is just that. Plus, the characters are multicultural to reflect today’s diverse society. (See Full Press Release discussing medical reasons for disparities between health and ethnicity.)

Yet, one of the biggest hurdles I have seen on the health front is adult or parental denial. It only reinforces the fears that crushes the kids. Instead, my philosophy is to have people stay open at his level, be positive, and let all the technical stuff follow.

Finally, my experiences showed me the last part to this basic formula for being healthy: exercise and nutrition. From middle school until college, each day I practiced 1/2 hour of intense physical activity, along with following a calculated-calorie diet, based on my age and dietitian’s recommendation. This is why each Sillwee Wobbert book carries that underlying theme.

With those techniques, I desire to facilitate a child’s creativity that will give each the tools for living their dream. Hence the name Dream Publishing. Together, we can play the catalyst as builders of a solid foundation to shine bright from the inside. My goal is to further the supportive, safe and friendly communication necessary to motivate positive and healthy problem solving to overcome the day to day adversities that kids face.

The goal: if only one child is inspired, the reward is priceless !!!!!

The Sillwee Wobbert motto is “Think with your heart !” With practice, you too can …. “Be Silly! Be Happy !! Be You !!!”

PS. In the end, there’s no greater gift that you can give this world, your community, your family, yourself….. than….. a fully healthy you!!!!!

G. Robert