sponsor_mvc-501sThe collective ‘We’ need financial help !!! Why??

Surveying health educators, teachers and parents in several States, we learned they would love to have these workshops and resources for their kids. The problem: money is scarce.

School reform is a modern day dilemma. With increased school closings and reduced Federal and State funding, there are no extra dollars for this critical need. Health education is one of the highest priorities, but hardly anything can be feasibly done in the classroom.

So without preventive programming, like ours, the obesity epidemic will become pandemic in size AND your children on the average are predicted to die at an earlier age than you.

What’s the answer ??? Support the Sillwee Wobbert mission !!!

Call G. Robert in as a supplemental instructor, i.e., a Heart Coach. The package works like this:

The benefits are twofold. That’s correct: A 2 for 1 deal … Plus Bonus !!!

Sponsor a presentation. And receive value that won’t break the bank:

1. Health Education: at a lower cost than a full/part time hire AND for a time frame that meets flexible schedules. 2. Teacher Training: at the time of each presentation AND a set of tools, prompts, and worksheets given to assist teachers to incorporate into the classroom.


3. Bonus: Free Book Set Donation (Or simply make a book donation. See How that legacy-charitable process works.)

AND……. Act NOW !!! For a special discount. Use code: “Heart Coach”

Be a Sponsor. Give a Grant. Specify the region, school district, or area of inclusion. Contact us for fee schedule, inclusion of promotional materials, and good will publicity.

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