affiliates_dsc00240Are you a Parent, Teacher, a Home School Educator, or a Pediatric Nurse????

Well then, be a part of the “Dream Team.” There are two options available:

  1. “Health Makeover Program” and
  2. “Extreme Book-Making Program”

How can you make more of a difference with your students covering the hottest topics in today’s society AND earn extra cash without losing any class time……

Plus, you’ll receive training in those fields. Yes, your very own Masters degree in “Making Dreams Come True”. Without sacrificing time or going in debt.

Get your attention yet ?!?!

“If I had to go back into law again, I’d be an advocate for higher pay and incentives for teachers and nurses. Cause these are the nobelest professions but get the least amount of salary respect…” G. Robert

So, how do you achieve these rewards??

Use these new innovative DVD programs in your class and refer them to a friend, co-worker, another school district, and let the money roll in……. (DVD Product to be available September 2009.)

  1. After purchasing the DVD package and completing the assessment survey, you’ll receive cash back.
  2. Plus, if you refer the program to another educator friend or parent, you will earn a referral fee. (Note: They must purchase a separately licensed DVD set.)
  3. These programs fall into each State’s health requirements as a supplemental curriculum resource. (Best use: emotional health.) See free standards for Michigan.
  4. Lastly, you can even coordinate as a school fundraiser to give back for your school’s specific needs …… that have been forgotten.    Secret: Contact us about using a simple “Tips Book” device.

Tips Booklet

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