President Obama has listed the priorities in his outline for our country’s viable future. Included are the following:

  1. Preventive Health Care Measures
  2. Educational Reform and new Incentives

Why do Sillwee Wobbert books and programs help fix these immediate problems…….

Ask G. Robert, an ex-attorney, who traded in his law career for teaching. He started with a  vision in 2000: “Dream Big !!!” Inspired by his own health limitations as a kid, he created the Sillwee Wobbert Picture Book Series on Children’s Health. The goal is to empower children to overcome adversity and live healthier lifestyles. What began in hospitals has reached schools and non-profit associations. These fun, diverse, emotionally appealing messages help improve the lives of one of our most precious resources for our future: our children.

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Also, Learn how Health educators, Teachers, and Parents can earn cash implementing these programs in the classroom.


Program Testimonials

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“Not only thrilling enrichment, but also will help increase our enrollment.  Better than any cartoon show.  The enthusiasm presented was contagious.  Very creative!!!”
Archdiocese of Detroit, Catholic Elem. Schools   2008

“Perfect reinforcement of curriculum!”
Cornerstone School (Mich)  2008

“Wonderful educational workshops!!!”
Am. Diabetes Assoc. – MI, Youth Zone Expo  2007 & ’08

“Super positive influence on the students.  Wonderful interaction with them!!!
Our Lady Star of the Sea Elem. School (Mich)  2008

“The kids loved the books.  They really helped us launch into discussions on health.”
Grosse Pointe Academy (Mich)  2007

“Overall presentation for content, organization, and speaking delivery was outstanding!!”
St. Regis Catholic Elem. School (Mich)  2007

“Great job!!  Very interactive; nicely done.  Age appropriate!!”
Henry Ford Elem. School (Mich)  2007

“The kids got a lot out of the program.”
Adler Elem. Sch. Library (Mich)  2007

“Excellent integration of topic.  The best I have ever seen in my 18 years as a teacher.”
Murch Elem. School (Wash. DC)  2006

“Fantastic, especially for teaching tolerance and understanding within our health model.”
Fraser Public School District  (Mich) 2006

“The students were totally engaged!!  Great for building self-esteem.  Motivating!!!”
Lobbestael Elem. School (Mich)  2006

“These health programs supplemented our summer reading goals.  Fun, interactive and inspiring for the children.  Very effective and successful!!!”
Detroit Public Library, Children’s branches.  2006 – ’07

“Wow!!  For days, the students talked about how much they learned and fun they had.”
Bailey Lake Elem. School (Mich)  2006

“Excellent program!  Very enjoyable!  Great audience participation.”
Trinity School (Md)  2006

“This unique instructional presentation complemented our reading curriculum nicely, and included many of the language arts and health standards and benchmarks.”
Beacon Elem. School (Mich)  2005

“Very informative!!  Great program!!”
Univ. Liggett Lower School (Mich)  2005

“Everything was great!  The children absolutely loved it.  Very impressive!”
The Surrey Learning Center (Md)  2005