FREE Health TIPS by G. Robert

  1. Think with your Heart when it comes to your health. Emotional health is key to coping and acceptance. Embrace and project this loving perspective as the beginning of becoming a fully healthy you. Be the role model.
  2. Address the emotional and the rest will follow. I have discovered as a teacher that once I tapped into a child’s emotional side, that the technical stuff comes easily. Be open, be observant and listen, and be supportive of your child’s growth.
  3. Empathy is everything. You know the old saying, “Until you walk in someone else’s shoes…” Put yourself in their position as a kid in this fast paced generation. Be engaged to develop a better relationship; it will make the difference.
  4. Be Positive !!! All those famous motivational speakers were on to something. Your mind, along with the power of the heart, is an amazing tool. Be courageous here and this reinforcement will be contagious.
  5. Keep it Simple, Silly. And have fun!! Laughter does make the best medicine. Studies have shown how the simple act of smiling has therapeutic results. Time is short, so enjoy those precious moments with your children.
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