Thinking with your Heart

Our Mission: Children’s Health and Wellness consists of: “Thinking with your Heart !!!”

What does that mean?? Well, your children get it !!!! Why shouldn’t you?!

Imagine the heart; image the brain. Now overlap the heart on the brain. And guess what happens….. (see brief Author Video below.) You dream big with loving thoughts !!!

Focusing on kid’s Emotional Well Being is the key to unlocking a well balanced, healthy, lifestyle. On all fronts: Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.

Sillwee Wobbert resources promote the acceptance of oneself in a heath setting. Studies have shown that children’s #1 health concern is what their peers think of them. These books reinforce the courage to face challenges and to be your true YOU!!!

Remember what Sillwee Wobbert says: “Be Silly !!! Be Happy !!! Be You !!!


So tap into your inner source and express yourself as best as you can…..

“It’s OK to be YOU !!!” G. Robert, author and self-proscribed “Heart Coach”.




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